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Annual Christmas Potluck

Join us on Tuesday, December 2nd for our annual Christmas potluck and 2015 brainstorming event.

If interested in bringing a food item to share at the event, please use the following guidelines:

Main dish: Last name starts with A-I.
Salads: Last name starts with J-R.
Deserts: Last name starts with S-Z.


The event begins at 6PM on Tuesday, December 2nd and is open to the public and will be held at the Buffalo Airport meeting room, located at 1309 County Road 134 (north of Menards). 

Economics 101

Wright County Tea Party Patriot's first education offering in 2014 will be the viewing and discussing of Hillsdale College's Economics 101 course.

We'll meet at 5:30PM ( before the regular meeting )  and watch one or two videos and then discuss points made during the presentations.

This is a "must see" series if you are at all interested in gaining a solid understanding of free market economics.


Book of the Month

The Law is a book written by Frédéric Bastiat. Bastiat was an economist, statesman and member of the The Law - Book of the Month French assembly. His writing was during the time of the Revolution of 1848 when France was moving toward socialism.

Bastiat wrote The Law, a treatise explaining the problems with socialism, as a warning. 


Constitution 101

Hillsdale College began offering online courses on the Constitution 101 a while back. Many of us have taken advantage of the courses and here is your chance to check them out as well.  Best of all, they are FREE!   Watch the trailer and then register here.

Constitution 101 details